The present Project named “Improving inclusive and sustainable agro-value chains development, including the Ibo specialty coffee one, of Cabo Delgado and Manica Province through public and private partnership approach, intends increasing the smallholder’s livelihood in Mozambican Provinces of Cabo Delgado.

The specific objective is to increase income generation for smallholder farmers in Cabo Delgado Province, through the improvement of inclusive and sustainable agro value chain performances in coffee and horticultural sectors.  The main outputs of the Project are i) Coffee production and processing best practices are introduced and international recognition of Ibo’s coffee is increased; ii) Extension services, included market linkages facilitation, in the horticultural sector are improved. 

The project outputs will be achieved through a value chain approach that will implement project activities for a period of three years. Smallholder farmers, with a particular attention to youth and women, will be the main direct beneficiaries of the Project.

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